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Who Am I?

Currently, I am a graduate student at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec. I grew up in small town Ontario, attended a specialized high school with a focus on the dramatic and visual arts. 

This website, The Spirit Lamp is named after the 19th century student publication formerly edited by Lord Alfred "Bosie" Douglas. I thought this was fitting as this website will be a landing page for my academic work, my personal blog, and the other things I wish to share.       



I have a BA in English Literature & a BA in Irish Studies, an interdisciplinary degree. At the moment I am writing my MA thesis. 

My MA is also interdisciplinary: an independent program which I designed myself which incorporates Political Science, Women's Studies, Queer Studies and Performance Studies as I try to understand the progression of Reproductive & LGBT+ Rights in Ireland. 

My hope is to go on to do a PhD in 2020.     


Blog & Writing

I am incredibly interested in the history of fandom and the impact that fan culture has had on the creation of identity, my blog will primarily include fandom criticisms, and feminist and queer readings of popular media, trends in fandom and the history of queer internet culture. 



As a student who is creating this content for free, I would always appreciate donations.

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